Guarantees for the manufactured buckets are provided

Custom bucket dimensions - we designing buckets according to the required parameters.

Flexible pricing policy

Tailor-made solutions for each customer.

CNC plasma cutting with high precision and speed

Ability to parts from customer-owned or from our own metal.

Who We Are:

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We manufacture wear resistant products with a high level of hardness and toughness. We supply our products to mining, machine building, construction, recycling and other industries where successful fighting of wear plays a crucial role in profitability and rhythmical work.
Ferro Max is an official member of the international networks: HARDOX WEARPARTS and HARDOX IN MY BODY® .

Our main products:

Wear resistant cutting edges for excavators and loaders.

Wear resistant lining for bunkers and conveyors.

Wear resistant balls for ball mills.

Wear resistant pipes.

Crushing equipment.

Industrial knifes.

Conveyors buckets.

Excavator buckets.


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Our company offers not only industrial products but also services such as welding, bending and cutting of sheet metal, with any degree of complexity of cutting. In addition, we will perform a full complex of metal machining on the CNC equipment. Our welders have been trained in the welding laboratories of the leading European producers of wear resistant steel. This means that we pay maximum attention to the quality of our products to guarantee their excellent performance.

Our main services:

CNC plasma cutting services.

Manufacturing of industrial buckets.

Repair buckets.

Drilling and milling services.

Welding services.

Vehicle armoring services.

Armouring services for bank equipment.

Armouring services for homes, offices, business.