Abrasive medium plus bumps are the factors that face mining equipment. The material from which it is made must meet high requirements while protecting against premature wear, thereby reducing the amount of downtime due to repairs. After examining the various steel manufacturers, we stopped at the best material of the Swedish production Hardox and Duroxite. The advantage of this material is the combination of such properties as high toughness, hardness and high yield strength, Hardox heat treatment is performed throughout the thickness, thereby providing an unsurpassed quality, this material is created to protect equipment. Having a high resistance to bending Hardox allows to reduce the thickness of the product, thereby increasing the capacity of the equipment. There are seven hardness materials in the Hardox range from 340 HBW to 660 HBW, which makes it possible to choose the ideal option for the client
Products we produce:

Lining of the conveyor
Chain links
Lining of the charging hopper
Sita Screeners
Grapple Grabs
Body lining
and etc.

We work both according to the drawings of the buyer, and provide services for the design and creation of technical documentation.
The advantages of working with us are qualified personnel, the shortest possible production time and at the same time high quality products.

Our specialists are ready to answer any client questions, provide advice with our western partners to find the best solution. In addition, we are always ready to visit our client in case of any questions, as well as for the preparation of technical documentation.

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