In the modern world, specialized heavy machinery becomes an integral part of your production. One can’t imagine the quarry, road, construction, agricultural machinery without buckets and other attachments. Depending on the type of work performed, the buckets are divided into:

– reinforced
– rocky
– general land
– trench
– cleanup
– planning
– rippers
– other

Our company manufactures all buckets from the list mentioned earlier. Applying various steels, from 09G2S to Hardox and Duroxite, combining these steels, we select the best option for our client, based on the technical requirements imposed on the bucket, as well as starting from the client’s financial capability. In addition, we make repairs of buckets, both planned and capital, which often helps save our customers time and money. We provide services for boring of eyes.
In addition, we manufacture the following attachments:

– rotators
– roots
– dumps
– plows
– other

Our customers can always order both the manufacture of a bucket or other attachments, bucket repair, as well as individual parts and elements that need to be replaced.

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