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Armor plates

Plates for body armor

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Own production of protectiveх plates, armor plates for body armor 3, 4, 5, 6 protection classes made of Armox steel.

For the manufacture of armor plates, ARMOX armored steel, a Swedish manufacturer SSAB, is used, guaranteeing quality and reliable protection of your life. SSAB has been our reliable partner for over 10 years.

The weight of plates 3, 4, 5 and 6 protection classes ranges from 2.8 to 4 kg, depending on the protection class.

Plates are made on high-precision equipment by specialists who have been working with the material for 10 years and know all the intricacies of its processing.

Plates can be sold with or without protective material.

We also offer high quality tile socks from our partners. The material used in the manufacture of this product – Cordura 1000 D pixel , with accessories from European and the best domestic manufacturers. Plate holders can be either individually or complete with a reset bag, first aid kit, 3 or 1 horn total.


The classification of bulletproof vests in Ukraine was changed in 2019. According to the new Ukrainian GOST 8782: 2018 body armor has basic and special protection classes. Namely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 protection classes which is the most important indicator for the recipient of such a vest.

Consider how classes differ:

  • 1st protection class . Must withstand shots with 9×18 caliber cartridges, bullet 57-H-181s, bullet weight 5.9 g, firing distance 5 meters, speed 335 m per second. Also 9x19mm LugerParabellum, FMJRNSC bullet, weight 8g, distance 5 meters, speed 400 m / s
  • 2nd protection class . Caliber 7.62x25mm, bullet 57-H-134s, weight 5.5g, distance 5m, speed 430 m / s
  • 3rd protection class . Provides protection against bullets caliber 5.45×39, bullet 7H6, weight 3.4 g, distance 10 meters, speed 910 m / s. And from 7.62×39, bullet 57-H-231, weight 7.9 g, distance 10 meters, speed 730 m / s
  • 4th protection class . Used for protection against bullets 5.45×39, bullet 7H10, weight 3.6 g, distance 10 meters, speed 910 m / s. In addition, it must protect against caliber 7.62×54, bullet 57-H-323s, weight 9.6 g, distance 10 m, speed 850 m / s
  • 5th class of protection. Provide protection against armor-piercing incendiary cartridges caliber 7.62x39mm, bullet 57-B3-231, weight 7.4g, distance 10m, speed745 m / s. And SVD 7.62×54, bullet 57-N-323s, weight 9.6 g, distance 10 m, speed 850 m / s
  • 6th class protection . Holds an armor-piercing bullet caliber 7.62×54, bullet 7BZ-323, weight 10.4g, distance 10m, speed 860 m / s.

Comparing Ukrainian standards with the standards of European countries, we can draw conclusions about the following compliance:

  • Protection class 2 meets the standard BR2, BR3
  • Class 3 protection – BR4
  • 4th protection class – BR5
  • Protection class 5 – BR6
  • Protection class 6 – BR7

To order or for more details call:
+380 (67) 517-09-09