The priority of FERRO MAX is the creation of parts with a high service life cycle to reduce the frequency of repairs and maintenance of your equipment to a minimum.

Parts subject to high wear are made of HARDOX steel. The HARDOX steel delivered in sheets from 2mm to 140mm thick combines such indicators as:

  • Hardness from 400 Brinell units (38 HRC) to 600 units (58 HRC)
  • Flow limit up to 1400 MPa
  • Viscosity from 27J to 50J

This combination of indicators makes it possible to talk about the leadership of this steel in its segment. Increasing the service life of both individual parts and structures as a whole. Also, HARDOX is supplied in bars with a diameter from 40 to 100 mm, as well as pipes from 30 to 133 mm in diameter.

In addition to wear protection, we use bimetallic plates DUROXITE 100 which are the first bimetallic plates that can be rolled. With a hardness of up to 65 HRC, DUROXITE 100 plates are designed for heavy abrasive environment, made by depositing chromium-rich abrasive-resistant materials on a soft steel substrate.

In the case when there is a question in the creation of any supporting structures, we use steel STRENX. Supplied in sheets of high strength structural steel. With a yield strength of 600 MPa to 1100 MPa. Designed for the manufacture of durable designs making them easier and safer. STRENX is supplied in the form of shaped pipes with dimensions: square 30x30-300x300 rectangular 50x30-400-200 with walls from 2 to 10 mm, length 6-12 meters.

In tool steels, Toolox steel takes absolute leadership. Toolox hardened and tempered steel is characterized by exceptional toughness at extremely low residual stress levels, which ensures dimensional stability after machining, used to make press molds, dies, and other structural elements.