Ferro Max offers armouring services for bank equipment, homes, offices, business, and private cars with special types of steel and glass that guarantee your protection against any type of small arms and explosives. According to statistics, 80 to 90 percent of terrorists’ attacks take place when the car is on the move. The remaining cases are assaults on private homes and even offices.

Most embassies globally are equipped with so-called safe rooms or panic rooms which provide shelter for attacked persons for at least 30 minutes and protect against small arms. In Israel, starting from 1992, the availability of a safe room is obligatory for all new buildings and private apartments. In countries where kidnapping somebody for ransom is typical, safe rooms are an efficient alternative to security guards and bodyguards. Each year over 50,000 cases of child abduction take place globally, and 70 percent of such cases result in paying a ransom of 500,000 to 3,000,000 US dollars with no guarantee of the victim staying alive. Such statistics hit upon the idea of preventive actions that are to be taken by the victim of assault or kidnapping.

Specialists of our company can help to make your home or car safe, without turning it into disgusting panic room or wheeled tank. We individually create a socket-welded capsule that would be installed inside your house or car, on condition of preservation of all elements of original workmanship. Refitted houses or cars may be equipped with additional means of communication, self-contained power supply systems and various “surprises” for criminals to give the hardest time for the attacking party.


We provide services for the armouring of cars of any type and for any purpose. All armoured cars manufactured by our company may be used for cash-in-transit vehicles, for VIP persons and for security services. The armour class of a standard car ensures its protection against a Kalashnikov machine gun due to the installed metal armour and ballistic glass. It is possible to install proprietary-integrated protection to protect the car against more powerful guns. Armoured cars also include the armoured chassis.

The experience of our personnel in the sphere of special-purpose cars production allows us to ensure serial production of armoured cash-in-transit vehicles, mobile maintenance stations, mobile laboratories, and security service vehicles. The aim of our company is to provide comfortable conditions for people that operate special-purpose cars and to provide maximum safety of transported cargo.


Depositors are the basis for any bank. Banking security is the basis of a depositors’ assurance in their fund’s safety. Our company can offer a variety of engineered safety features to ensure banking security, namely: armoured doors, armoured windows, special cashier cabins, currency exchange cabins, etc.

Moreover, we manufacture equipment for depositing valuables: safe-deposit boxes, modular bank vaults and other things.

Complex of works and services provided by our company are the following:

  • Manufacture of armoured vault jackets
  • Installation of signalling channels and ventilation ducts
  • Installation of armoured doors
  • Installation of armoured locks


Protection of life, valuables and trade secrets is necessary for the normal existence of any organization. Security systems in offices and at the production enterprises consist in reliable protection of personnel and company property against any emergency situations, as well as preservation of confidentiality of information. The appropriate organization of a security system is one of the main factors that influence the successful development of any company and its continuous sales growth.

We provide services for equipping your office, enterprise, or any other facility with CCTV, a security alarm, access control systems, and offer the design and installation of the security system’s armoured structures.

Ballistic plates

The most important element of a ballistic vest is its steel plate: the main barrier for a bullet and its fragments’ penetration. For the manufacturers of ballistic vests and other protective clothing, our company offers FERRO MAX steel armoured plates that can catch almost any bullet.

We offer tailored armoured plates of individual sizes:

  • AP FERRO MAX 1 — protection class 1
  • AP FERRO MAX 2 — protection class 2
  • AP FERRO MAX 3 — protection class 3
  • AP FERRO MAX 4 — protection class 4
  • AP FERRO MAX 5 — protection class 5
  • AP FERRO MAX 6 — protection class 6

One 150x150 plate is provided for a free, one-time testing.


Pharmacies are also an item of interest for criminals, drug addicts and simple hooligans due to the availability of different strong drugs and of the sometimes large proceeds from sales. To protect from unauthorized access to the drug storage area, we can manufacture special structures comprised of armoured doors, windows, and walls.


Armoured doors are intended for shops, currency exchange cabins, security posts, filling stations, and cashier’s offices at enterprises to prevent unauthorized access. They may be used at cashier’s offices and vaults of credit institutions. The external armour of a door of various protection classes has no visible difference when compared to a usual door. They differ only in internal filling and properties of filling material of the door panel. Armoured doors comprise the door panel and frame fixed in the door opening.

The door panel in a closed position clutches with the frame and forms an anti-theft lock that makes it impossible to open the door in case there is intentional damage to the integrity of the hinges.

Ballistic glass

Our company improves and develops the functional use of our products. Now, our armoured windows not only eliminate the danger of armed assault, housebreaking and external inflammation, but are characterized by features that ensure the comfortable use of window structures for our customers. The variety of shapes, colour and sizes allows for resolving any architectural and design tasks.


Protective or armoured structures are especially intended for the prevention of unauthorized access to credit and other institutions both from the inside and the outside. These may be stationary integral and prefabricated structures that consist of separate parts: ballistic glass, a transfer unit (tray), door structures, and fasteners. The reliability of structure excludes any bullet penetration into a protected area when shot from outside.