Industrial knives are used in all sectors ranging from the food industry to forestry. We specialize in those that process solid products, namely:

Knives for processing scrap metal
Knives for plastic processing
Knives for glass processing
Knives for rubber processing
Knives for wood processing

Having a different purpose, dimensions and types of attachment, all these knives have one requirement – high hardness. By making these knives using Hardox 600 we guarantee 600 units of hardness. The processing of this material is very difficult, but professionally selected tools, as well as high qualification of our staff, high-precision equipment, gives us the opportunity to do it. The advantage of these knives is that they do not need additional heat treatment. Hardox 600 is thermally processed at a plant in Sweden and us is already delivered to us in ready condition, the factory manufacturer guarantees heat treatment throughout the thickness. In addition, this material meets the high requirements for flatness, which is very important for these products, often reducing additional machining or removing it altogether.

However, there are situations when it is impossible to use Hardox, in these situations we use Toolox 33 or 44 steel. This steel can withstand temperatures of 650 ° C, also, nitriding is possible for it, these qualities are an advantage over other steels.

We make knives both according to customer’s drawings, and according to drawings that we make ourselves based on customer requirements. We can apply other steel for manufacturing upon the client’s request.

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