Ferro Max, which has many years of experience in production of parts and components made from extra and ultra-high strength steels, offers services of sheet metal cutting on the thermal cutting machine.

Our company offers not only industrial products but also services such as welding, bending and cutting. Our welders have been trained in the welding laboratories of the leading European producers of wear resistant steel. This means that we pay maximum attention to the quality of our products to guarantee their excellent performance.

We hope that our experience, responsibility and professionally timed services will help our customers to achieve their targets.
Hypertherm MAXPRO200 is the plasma cutting system which is used for cutting.

Our advantages

Thickness of sheets cut with plasma cutting with cutting pattern:

  • а) Structural steel: 0.8 ... 32 mm (70 mm when cutting from the edge of the sheet)
  • б) Stainless steel: 0.8 ... 22 mm
  • в) Aluminum alloys: 0.8 ... 19 mm

Development of effective design solutions in accordance with the customer's requirements

The possibility of cutting sheets with 2500 x 12 000 mm dimensions

Special measure usage to eliminate thermal distortion of the parts

Minimizing expenses and the cost of the product due to optimal cutting of sheet metal

Thickness of the cut sheets using oxy-fuel cutting: 4 ... 300 mm

Edge beveling before welding up to 45°

The ability to order parts from customer-owned or from our own metal

We additionally carry out drilling and milling work and metal fabrication

High precision and cutting speed

Hypertherm MAXPRO200 is the plasma cutting system which is used for cutting

High cutting

Uniform cutting

Scale effect cutting –
structural steel up to 20 mm

The thickness of the industrial burning – structural steel up to 32 mm

Parting structural
steel up to 75 mm

cutting angle
up to 45°