Vertical milling machining center module makes it possible to solve a wide range of tasks: milling, drilling, boring, cutting threads in blanks from a variety of materials and alloys. Vertical machining center has technical parameters that allow us to quickly establish production of small and medium-sized batches.

Depending on the parameters of the tool, various curvilinear operations can be performed to process the workpiece. The multifunctionality of the equipment provides a set of tools for successive use, which is created in the turret. The tool is put into working position in automatic mode in less than 1.4 seconds.

High productivity at low cost of finished parts distinguishes the work on such center module from the use of several highly specialized machines. This allows you to save time and money for logistics. And using such material as HARDOX, STRENX, TOOLOX we will make sure you avoid heat treatment of such parts.

Parts that are manufactured using a vertical milling machining center module:

The mold press
Bearing body
Chain links
Rack notched
Gearbox body

Press plate
Stainless steel processing
Copper processing
Brass treatment
Bronze processing
Plastic processing
Treatment of carbon steels
Mold press for PET