Buckets of Ukrainian production corresponding to the highest quality standards.

Providing guarantees for the manufactured buckets.

Tailor-made solutions for each customer.

Designing buckets according to the required parameters.

Strengthening the construction of buckets with special steels, which increases their operating lifespan.

Flexible pricing policy.

Repair of buckets

Types of services:

  • 1) Overall repairs.
  • 2) Conversion.
  • 3) Modification.
Production steps:

  • 1) Identification of the problem areas and determination of the degree of damage – flaw detection.
  • 2) Cutting out worn or damaged components.
  • 3) Preparation of edges for welding work.
  • 4) Thorough selection of new components and materials.
  • 5) Installation on the stocks and geometry work.
  • 6) Installation of new elements, including by welding.
  • 7) Applying the topcoat and protective coating.
The complex of measures for implementation of the program includes:

  • 1) Professional staff on-site visits to perform tasks involving provisional diagnosis.
  • 2) Usage of high-tech materials and components.
  • 3) Provision of guarantees for all kinds of work.
  • 4) Comprehensive post-warranty service.
  • 5) Constant availability of all consumables.

Our works

A major overhaul of the bucket. The bottom was replaced with cheeks and a more powerful lining of HARDOX 450+ HARDOX 500 was installed.

A major overhaul was made, the bottom, cheeks, protection were replaced. Repair was made on the client’s site, and took 2 working days.