Ferro Max is a partner of many plants in Ukraine engaged in the production of cement and other bulk materials, as well as concrete plants. For a long time of cooperation, we were able to study the problems associated with the wear of equipment parts, and sometimes the entire equipment as a whole.

It is no secret that the main problem for all is the abrasive environment, as well as damage and wear. To extend the exploitation term of the equipment, which means to reduce the number of repairs and downtime, the HARDOX material is intended, this material is supplied in sheets, in the form of rolled steel, as well as circles. The nominal indicators of which start from 340 units of Brunel hardness up to 660 units, while the yield strength is from 1000 MPa to 1400 MPa. Without losing its properties with proper machining, this steel is intended for the manufacture of products subject to high wear and impact.

A new material designed to extend the life of equipment is DUROXITE bimetal, which has hardness indicators up to 65 HRC, the material easily bends. Designed for parts working in highly abrasive high-friction environments. Based on the environment in which our clients operate, we offer a variety of equipment that is the right choice for your demands:

Raw mill armor plates
Crusher armor plates
Pipes for transportation of abrasive mass
Shoulder blades
and etc

If necessary, our specialists can visit your factory for measurements to prepare design and the documentation.

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