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Stainless steel gazebos compare favorably with their segment “competitors” made of wood or brick in all respects:

  • First of all, this is the durability and resistance of your structure to various weather and mechanical influences. The rigid frame prevents any changes in the structure during subsidence of the soil, and the change of seasonal cycles characteristic of the Central Chernozem region. Do you want to install a barbecue or barbecue in the gazebo? The metal base will make it completely invulnerable to fire, which cannot be said about other materials.
  • Secondly, this is an unlimited number of options for the execution of a metal gazebo, allowing you to give it any design solution for your site. From the classic to the most intricate. When ordering the design and installation of a metal gazebo in Ferro Max, you can choose any size, profile section, design, filling material and roofing. Choose the most popular rounded polycarbonate gazebo roof or surprise your neighbors and friends with a bunk! We will make it fully open, closed or even semi-closed, with one or more entrances, completely adjusting to the exterior features of the site.
  • Thirdly, this is the installation speed. Ferro Max specialists will professionally install stainless steel gazebos in the shortest possible time, which will also allow you to significantly save on costs!

Production and installation of stainless steel gazebos is a new, progressive direction in the production of metal structures. The combination of strength, lightness and plasticity of stainless steel allows us to easily translate a variety of engineering and design ideas into the pride of your interior and exterior. Any non-standard metal product is, first of all, your personal style – not stamped and unique. Ferro Max equipment is designed for the production of a wide range of structures, using all types of technological operations, for the most demanding customers.

Design is carried out according to sketches and working drawings, or based on your individual wishes. In any case, you always get exactly what you wanted – we pay special attention to this. You do not even have to understand all the technical details, trust the qualified specialists of Ferro Max – we have something to pleasantly surprise you!