Ferro Max manufacture universal wear resistant cutting edges for buckets of any size and design for any type of excavator, doze or loader. Wear resistant cutting edges significantly prolong lifetime of buckets and increase their efficiency in work with hard rocks, gravel or iron ore. Besides cutting edges we can create other parts of buckets or the whole bucket based on the drawings of the customer.

We produce wear resistant pipes using unique bending and welding technologies. Application of such pipes is very wide, and includes not only mining industry, but also transshipment of grain, production of bricks, glass bottles, asphalt and concrete. Transshipment of abrasive elements through wear resistant pipes will efface these pipes much less due to their hardness of 450 HB (Brinell hardness) and due to their high yield strength of 1200 Mpa. Pipes made out of simple construction steel such as 09G2S/A516-55/DIN13Mn6 will have maximum hardness of surface of 180 HB (Brinell hardness) and will last a short period of time.

Extensive experience of production of mobile hydraulic impact crushers similar to Rockster R900.
These crushers have an extremely high level of crushing ratio and can be used for comminuting of virgin stones, rubble, concrete, asphalt, and iron ore of big fractions. Inside of the crusher we use wear resistance steel HARDOX that guarantees reliability and long time service. The result of work of such crushers is a perfect cubic grain.

Our company can offer bunkers, feeders, conveyors and other parts of the equipment that needs a high level of resistance to the wear caused by abrasive gravel, ore, sand, coal, metal scrap, concrete, grain and glass. Besides that we can repair old equipment using lining made out of a wear resistance steel.

For cutting of metal, plastic, paper and wood we offer industrial knives with hardness of 500 HB and higher.