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Armor plate 5 class

from 2500 UAH


for the plate:

2500 / 2700 UAH.

per set:

5000 / 5400 UAH.

To order or clarify details, call:
+380 (67) 517-09-09


Protection class: 4
Steel: Armox 600T 6 mm./ Armox Advance 5 mm.
Country of manufacture: Ukraine / Sweden
Plate size: 250×300 mm. (can be increased or made to individual sizes)
Weight: 3.5 / 2.9 kg.
Thickness: 23 / 22 mm.

About steel:

Class 4 protection is the most popular among armor plates. Plates weigh from 2.9 to 3.5 kg. Made of steel of the Swedish plant SSAB, Armox 600T 6 mm., or Armox Advance 5 mm. Plates are tested in appropriate laboratories and meet all requirements of DSTU for protection class 4.

Stages of production:

The first stage in the production of plates is cutting the plates to size, the standard size is 250×300 mm, the corners of the plates are cut, which ensures more comfortable wearing. The second stage, which also ensures comfortable wearing, is bending, the plates are bent to a given radius on specialized equipment. The third stage. After cutting and bending, the slabs are additionally processed with special materials that protect the slab from moisture, and soften the slab’s wear and impact in the event of a bullet or fragments hitting it. This treatment takes the longest time to make because each plate goes through a press where it stays for up to 6 hours, which allows the glue to dry completely and the materials to bond well.

Our company has been engaged in the processing of specialized steels since 2010. We are the official representative of the plant on the territory of Ukraine, therefore we do each stage of production ourselves on our own equipment.

DSTU 8782:2018

According to DSTU, plates of class 4 will protect against 5.45×39 bullets, 7Н10 bullets:

  • weight 3.6 gr.
  • distance 10 m.
  • speed 910 m/s
  • in addition, it should protect against caliber 7.62×54
  • bullet 57-Н-323с
  • weight 9.6 gr.
  • distance 10 m.
  • speed 850 m/s

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