Social mission

Our social mission is to do good by providing help to those, who need it. Caring for youth is an important part of this mission. Our company actively supports youth teams that participate in various sporting events.

Caring for youth is fundamentally important for us, that’s why we actively participate in various sporting events and support sports teams. Basketball team Ferro Max has been successfully performing in the Amateur Basketball League of Ukraine couple of years now, taking the honorable 1st place in 2015 and the third place in the last tournament in 2017. The Ferro Max basketball team facilitates the promotion of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Our company considers such cooperation with the basketball club not only as a contribution to the development of the sport, but also as a contribution to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, involving the public in taking part in regular physical activity and sports. The team is currently conducting trainings on regular basis and participates in the Amateur Basketball League of Ukraine.

More information about the team: